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3 Days in Rome

Back in Leiden now, spent a good 3 days in Rome. Beautiful city with ancient architectures but you get used to it and desensitized after a while. Still a place definitely worth visiting, not forgetting the gelatos, pastas and pizzas.. Accommodation and food can be quite expensive in Rome. My personal take would be to stay in a cheaper yet decent place while spending the rest on food and attractions. Still trying to work out how to use this and post photos so just mainly information here.

Accomodation: 2 nights in Casa Barberini (about 60 euros a night for a standard en-suite twin/double room).
This is more like a guesthouse with decent and clean rooms, simple breakfasts are served in the morning and the location is rather central to attractions like the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Colosseum and the Vatican etc.. Can be rather hard to find since there is no standard hotel signboard, just one of the apartments along a rather dodgy street. Be sure to hold the exact address when looking for this site (spent a good 30-40 mins going rounds while searching). Also remember to check and make sure that the keys work (several needed to various gates), got locked out on the first night with a faulty key with no valid sim card to call, nearly ending up in the streets if not for some genius's idea to tap on the wifi and whatsapp the number on booking.com.

Transport: traveling around via the metro is rather easy. Costs about 1.50 euros per trip, discounts available for tickets bought in bulk. Only expensive part is getting from the airport to Termini (city center) itself, 14 euros per way.

Some of these attractions are featured in Dan Brown's Angels & Demons, also my main motivation to visit them. 3 days is more than enough for Rome actually. History fanatics may need more

Day 1: Took a walk using google maps to the following attractions
- Colosseum (book tickets online before going,skips the que)
- Roman Forum and Palatine Hill (huge place,can take some time to fully explore it)
- Pantheon (free entry,not opened on Sundays)
- Trevi Fountain (prettier at night I think)

Day 2:
- Vatican City
- Vatican museum and the Sistin Chapel (purchase tickets beforehand, bring a map along. Entrance is located at the side, 10mins walk from St Peter's Square) Key highlights lies within the Sistin Chapel, where the conclave is held, a process which they select a new pope.
- St Peter's Square (go in the morning to avoid the queue, the queue is crazy)
- Castle St Angelo

Day 3
- Spanish Steps
- walk around, food hunting

Food: googled and searched Tripadvisor for recommended restaurants.
Some things to note,
- most are closed on sundays
- open on specific lunch and dinner timings (12-3pm, 6-9pm)
- require reservations for really good ones

- L'Antica Salumeria, must visit panini, bread and dessert store just outside the Pantheon

Amsterdam next. Grazie and ciao.

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Hello and bye..

So this is my first time writing something like this.. Decided to start this travel log/blog in case I want to relive some of the experiences, share some photos and let some family and friends know that I'm well. My itinerary is not of the most tidy ones so hopefully this will help friends who requested for one after my trip. Why BCM? My coach used to call me big calve muscles, too lazy to think of another name.

Please pardon my amateurish writing. I'm posting this while waiting to board my flight to the Netherlands.

So recent events almost made me cancel the trip, but the need for a break together with my family's support made me go for it still. The blog tittle says it all, my aim for the next 47 days. The past 4 months was tough, buried my head in books and projects, not being to run or even walk properly at times. Damn I miss playing football. For those who know me, I pushed myself hard, set high expectations for myself and people around me. Some backfired while others taught me happiness within contentment. Above all, it made me value my family and true friends so much more. Saying goodbye this time round,is really tough.

Went to Europe once previously as a tourist, hoping to be more of a traveler and learner this time round. Will try to update this whenever possible. Not really a city person, so I try to get closer to nature whenever possible.

So that is it, time for my well deserved break and see some parts of the world like I have always wanted to.

If anyone I've offended sees this, I sincerely apologize. Ciao.


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